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Facade Renovation to 325 Old York Road

Facade renovation to 325 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA.  This art deco design honors the original building design from the 1920's and brings a vitality and liveliness to the main intersection of West Avenue and Old York Road in the center of Jenkintown.

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Blockbuster Video, Downingtown, PA
Ashbridge Shopping Center in Downingtown, PA.

Blockbuster Video: 5,000 SF pad site building for Blockbuster Video, as part of the 200,000 SF

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Bryn Mawr Stereo - Proposed Facades

Bryn Mawr Stereo (now Tweeter): Renovation of a former 3,000 SF restaurant into a new Bryn Mawr Stereo Store, Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

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Bryn Mawr Stereo (now Tweeter): Proposed Renovations to the original store in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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Burlington Coat Factory, California

Burlington Coat Factory: Façade & renovations to a 80,000 SF store, Huntington Beach, CA.

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Primavera Pizza Kitchen
Ashbridge Square Shopping Center in Downingtown, PA.

Primavera Pizza Kitchen: This is a 10,000 SF restaurant designed in an Italianate style with triple arched window facade with eyebrow design features and masonry base elements. The interior features de-constructive styled interior wall details, ornamental iron column details and Italian motif murals.

The low walls and banquette define small intimate dining sections in this large overall area, creating personal dining experiences. It is part of the 200,000 SF

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Village Green Bookstore, Manayunk, Philadelphia

Village Green Bookstore: 8,000 SF interior tenant fit out for new book store, Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA.