Ancillae Assumpta Academy Chapel Alterations
Ancillae Assumpta Academy is a Pre-K to 8 private Catholic elementary school located on a ten acre campus in Wyncote, PA.  The school Chapel is located in the Academic building and occupied a former classroom space of approximately 870 SF with a 9’ high acoustical tile ceiling and vinyl covered wall panels.

The Design concept included an expansion of space to 1,150 SF increasing the seating capacity from 55 to 95 occupants; increased the ceiling height to 10’ using a barrel vault design feature; with new cherry wood wall panels in a stylized horizontal pattern with new lighting fixtures and sound system; and  a three color carpet pattern that combine to create a unified appearance that compliments the spectacular stained glass window mural.

The project was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.

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Ritualistic Bath House

Mikva, a Ritualistic Bath House for Hasidic Women: a 1,500 sf, one story structure used for ceremonial bath rituals and a lecture hall, Philadelphia, PA.

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Saint Joseph's Church - Cheltenham

St. Joseph’s Church and School: Renovations and expansion of church sanctuary, two-story school addition for gymnasium and classrooms, Cheltenham, PA.

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Dale United Methodist Church

Dale United Methodist Church is a revered ministry that has served the Middletown Delaware community for the better part of the twentieth century and is expanding it's ministry and programs to better serve a growing community.

The existing church structure that houses 120 congregants will be demolished and the site will be used for parking. On an adjacent larger site across the street, JDBA designed a new church structure that will be built with a new sanctuary for 330 congregants, offices and Library on the main level and a social hall with commercial kitchen and Day care facilities on the lower level.

The new two story structure will be a total of 11,400 square feet.

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